Build your brand. Keep it safe.

Lucidpress is an easy-to-use design and brand management solution that comes equipped with guardrails to keep your brand consistent, wherever it goes.

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Easy to use

It’s essential that a design tool used by everyone in the organization is powerful enough for the designers and comfortable enough for newcomers. Lucidpress will fit the skillset of all employees, and it works on any OS. Plus, features like Slack integration and InDesign import make things even easier. And awesome-er.

template locking

Flexible template locking

Team members can turn a document into a template and lock down elements they don't want others to change. Want to make sure that background or logo stays in place? Lock it. Want to let a rep change pricing but not alter the font or size of the text? Lock it. Want to…well, you get the idea.

admin-friendly controls

InDesign compatible

We offer a large library of templates and make it easy to create your own as well. But if your design team has a Dropbox full of InDesign content you want to keep using, just import it with our InDesign Import tool. Once you’ve imported an InDesign layout into Lucidpress, you can lock what you need and make it available as a template.

easy for everyone

Efficient collaboration

Lucidpress’s collaboration features bring your whole team together in real time. There’s no need to email different versions back and forth, because commenting and sharing organize all feedback right in the Lucidpress editor. Just add the email addresses of team members to bring them in.

secure and reliable

One simple admin dashboard

Your admin dashboard is your home base for brand consistency. Use it to quickly set permissions, manage brand assets, and auto-provision new accounts through SAML or Google Apps. You’ll see it all at-a-glance so you never have to stress about how your brand is doing.

easy for everyone

Streamlined Document Approval

Stop waiting weeks on end to approve important documents through an endless chain of emails. Admins can require their team members to request approval before documents can be published, printed, or shared to the public. That way you can pump out content faster, oversee brand compliance, and improve team efficiency all at once.

enterprise approval
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Your distributed team is making and sharing content, but there’s nothing keeping the wrong fonts, colors, and logos from sneaking in and wrecking your brand.

Template locking is your solution.