Create custom business cards for free with Lucidpress

Too often, making a business card ends up being complex and expensive. Realize your vision for your personal brand with Lucidpress. There’s nothing to download, there isn’t a separate program for printing, and you can leave your thumb drive at home.


The business card templates in Lucidpress are not only intuitive, they’re also highly customizable.

photo business card
business card template
classic business card
business card template
Black and white business card
business card template
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Business card template

Business cards and more

Lucidpress gives you business cards that look like they were designed by a professional, but it can also give you much more. From brochures, to flyers, to posters, Lucidpress will cover your design needs, whatever they may be.

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Intuitive editing

Are you tired of hunting through menus or interpreting complex icons? Lucidpress has a pick-up-and-play factor that will transform the way you make business cards. It may be a business task, but it can also be fun.

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Intuitive business card software

Freedom to customize

Our designs are professional and beautiful—but sometimes, you want to add something that shows you’re unique. You can place bright text on a dark background, change your card to portrait mode, or even create an interactive digital business card!

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Feature Highlights

Lucidpress is a fully-loaded, A to Z design solution. Try it today!

Nothing to install

Designed for digital or print

You’ll enjoy a sleek interface that gives you stunning results, whether you’ll share them digitally or in print. Lucidpress supports modern designs and makes it easy to get your masterpiece in front of the right people. You can print business cards within Lucidpress, or distribute it on a variety of platforms online.

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop

Lucidpress gives you an intuitive experience that’s as straightforward as using your hands. Just grab elements with a click and drop them exactly where you need them. Anything can be resized or moved around in a flash. You can easily translate your vision into reality. It’s fast, efficient, and fun!

Easy import

Easy import

Integrations with Google Docs, Youtube, Dropbox, Flickr, and Facebook save you work and give you access to the best tools to make your business card shine. It’s easy to import your existing content and incorporate it into your business card design. You can make a card that is stylish and individual to you.

Share via print or digital


Once you have a draft of your business card, it can be invaluable to solicit feedback from coworkers or friends. When you’re putting the finishing touches on your business card, communicate in real time directly in Lucidpress. You’ll have the best version of your card without having to send emails back and forth or pay for reprints.

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